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The Comprehensive Details About The Rooftop Solar System

The comprehensive details about the rooftop solar system

The method is different from country to country but the concept is the same, I will start with the Indian method then I will write about European and American methods.

Normally we all know we are depending upon the perishable source of energy such as coal, natural gas, hydraulic and nuclear, even though we have the best alternative source which is available 365 days of the year, yes, I am talking about solar energy which is abundant on our planet.

Well, the focus of our discussion is on rooftop solar system, we all know about the solar panels, these work on the principle of the photo the electric effect, when light falls on the panel, DC current is generated, this we will convert into alternative current called AC for use or to feed it to the grid.
Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of on-grid solar system and hybrid (off-grid) solar system.

On-grid solar system

Electricity is generated in rooftop solar panels which are converted to ac by an inverter and then sent to the net metering meter. This current is then utilized for self-use. If there is excess electricity then it is sent to the power grid and if there is a deficit of electricity then it is extracted from the grid and sent to self-use via the same meter. Finally, the difference between the produced electricity and consumed electricity will be billed.

For example, if you used 5 units and produce 4 units then 5-4=1 and you will be charged as simple as this.


There is no battery requirement. It is cheaper than an off-grid. It is simple and easy to set up. No maintenance required. We can monitor how much electricity is generated and how much is utilized through an app.


There will be no export of electricity only when there is no power supply in the grid.

Off-grid solar system:

The electricity generated in the panel is saved in the batteries and using inverter it is converted from ac to dc. Normally it is used for lighting purpose.


This system is commonly used in places where there is frequent power shutdown so that the stored power can be used from the batteries.


It is difficult to run motor, air-conditioner, refrigerator, iron box and other high power consuming devices under this setup.

 In India, this system is highly beneficial for commercial buildings, industries, and hospitals. For residential buildings, if the electricity bill is more than Rs. 2500, using rooftop system we can reduce the electric bill to a maximum limit. The return on investment will be around 3 – 4 years.

For Europeans and Americans, the concept is the same but the procedure is different. Even then we can assist you. Please use the comment box of this blog and get the information. Our team is happy to assist you.

Residential And Commercial Buildings Do You Know What Is The Rooftop Solar?

We will discuss solar panels, renewable energy, Energia solar, solar. Perovskite Solar Cells.
Residential and commercial buildings do you know What is the rooftop solar?
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Q.          What is the rooftop solar industry?
Ans.      The rooftop solar the industry is nothing but you can produce electricity from your rooftop, the minimum requirement is you should have a house of your own with a minimum carpet area of 10X10 and maximum there is no limit.
Q.          How it works?
Ans.      Solar panels will be installed on your rooftop, which produces electricity, connected through the duel meter to grid through the line.
The difference between produced electricity and consumed electricity is deducted and the remaining will be billed.
For example, if you used 5 units and produce 4 units then 5-4+=1 and you will be charged as simple as this.
Q.          Do I need a battery?
Ans.      No battery is required, 
Q.          Can I produce electricity in my dry land, shed, Industry farmhouse, cold storage because I am having electric bill very high?
Ans.      Yes, you can produce the electricity, please contact us our representative will visit and explain to you how you can reduce the bill to half or even zero. Or you can earn money by just supplying to grid.
Q.          I am not having enough money to invest in a rooftop can I get some investors in this field?
Ans.      The first point is the investment is very less and negligible even if you can’t afford that then Yes there is a facility for this too.  
Q.          How much I can earn money with this industry?
Ans.      It depends upon many factors such as the carpet area and consumption the money saved our money earned.
Q.          Do I have to appoint someone in this industry?
Ans.      No this is the beauty of solar energy there is no wear and tear just you have to keep the panels clean.
Q.          Do you say that this is passive and smart income?
Ans.      Yes, it is true it is passive and smart income with no much effort.

Attn:- Residential  and commercial buildings.

You are the victim of high electricity bills? Electricity tariff is always going up it will never remain the same please note this point.
Solar rooftop is the best solution
Savings from electricity bills, Install one time and enjoy lifetime, it is affordable and cheapest one, returns on investment is 3 to 4 years, the rest of the life you can enjoy free production of electricity. No wear and tear, low maintenance charges, 365 days of the year production of electricity.

There are two types of rooftop on the grid and hybrid Solar our representative will visit and explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of both. Please call us now 8867698805.

Solar Energy Based Spray-On Cell

We will discuss solar panels, renewable energy, Energia solar, solar. Perovskite Solar Cells.

Solar Energy Based Spray-On Cell, Specialists build up a strategy for creating perovskite solar energy based cells that is progressively proficient costs less

A group of specialists working at the International Research Institute of Chemical Technology in America has figured out how to make creating perovskite-based solar energy based cells that are both more effective and fewer costs not exactly other way and flow strategies. In their paper distributed in the diary Science of America, the group depicts their procedure and the efficiencies they could accomplish.

As researchers have achieved what seems, by all accounts, to be as far as possible for solar energy powered cells dependent on silicon, the look has been on for material to supplant it, one that is in any event as proficient, savvy and will keep going for whatever length of time that conceivable. One such material perovskite has been standing out as truly newsworthy recently, as scientists have been improving its solar energy-oriented proficiency rating at an exceptional pace.

Perovskite is a mineral made of calcium titanate—its utilization in solar energy based cells are, for the most part, found as a crossbreed natural inorganic lead as a feature of the dynamic (light-collecting) layer. It doesn't have to experience the multi-step process seen with silicon to be utilized in making solar energy based cells, nor require the spotless room, high temperature or a vacuum. The new procedure created by the group includes putting a lead iodide– dimethylsulfoxide layer onto a for iodide arrangement—which causes the development of a lead iodide perovskite piece. The outcome is a progressively proficient solar energy cell as it considers assembling a more extensive range of light. They likewise guarantee that their technique additionally considers delivering the phones more inexpensively than other manufacture strategies.

Reused harmful lead can be utilized.

A huge number of huge amounts of lead, a substantial metal that can harm the health particularly kidneys is found ahead of the pack corrosive batteries utilized in about a large portion of the vehicles on the planet. As of now as much as all battery lead is reused, notwithstanding, this may not generally be the situation.
New battery innovations, including lithium-particle batteries, are compromising to supplant lead-corrosive batteries in new vehicles, which could break the generally maintainable reusing circle. And increase the life of batteries.

In view of this, a recently tackled material called perovskite and another framework proposed by analysts proposes a potential use for the lead from vehicle batteries that would some way or another be disposed of utilization it to assemble solar energy based spray boards. The framework depends on the ongoing advancement of solar energy oriented cells utilizing crystalline structures called perovskite, a material found to be valuable for assembling solar energy based cells back. Made up for the most part of calcium titanate, perovskite is found in stores everywhere throughout the world.

As of now less productive perovskite inductions intended to diminish the natural dangers identified with the lead variety, utilize different components, for example, tin. Be that as it may, the technique for utilizing lead from a trade-in vehicle batteries to make solar energy based spray cells could demonstrate naturally amicable as it would keep lead from being disposed of dumps and different unsafe destinations.


Perovskite spray on solar cells will be much cheaper and small in size, and more effeciant.
More information: You can write in the comment section below.

Last Words Are In The Year 2030, Hopefully, Everyone Will Be Energy Satisfied.

We will discuss about solar panels, renewable energy, energia solar, solar. Perovskite Solar Cells.

Since some years back I used associate analytics of atomic energy scaling versus wind and solar energy production, scaling utilizing other countries just because the utilizing of best interest using the Clean energy article "Wind Energy Beats Nuclear and Fosile Carbon” Today, the other countries made different model solar energy production which is  additional clean energy that breeze and solar energy powered area which has higher potential call  for a dangerous part deviation alleviation than atomic age. 

Other countries production comparison is very important on the grounds that it discredits a couple of contentions for the enlarged atomic age. Hence it is not enduring. Hence It's typically been utilizing the equivalent atomic energy advances, and not enhancing with every new atomic plant. It doesn't have a similar issue with a larger potential of the executive framework.
However, other countries have altogether hindered its atomic age rollout whereas quickening its breeze and solar energy power based. Indeed, even the best business insiders acknowledge this, ones, for instance, previous World Nuclear Association official, written in engineering international magazine. 

International agencies appraise that some countries atomic energy limit can produce a hundred gigawatts, well, I believe this Conjectures.  Were "not one or two years back," this composes, and it seems"extremely off orderliness" And even the 100 GW gauge is worth ‒ atomic limit can be capped 50 GW  and a multiplying of that limit by 10 years will solve the most problems. 

For what reason is other nations making the pollution of atomic energy, rollout on another hand radically? Since atomic energy power is ending up, being the large interest because of expensive than anticipated, new atomic structures area are unchecked to be uneconomical, and new wind and solar energy power generation area which is low priced and easy to assemble. 

Since some years back I used associate analyze some appraisal of the potential for wind energy and solar energy utilization to tremendously, surpass in especially United States of America on other hand dependence on atomic energy which is called Clean Technology. Will triple multiplied controlling the greenhouse emission, Savings With Renewable energy rather than Nuclear energy at best price interest.

 Not to say amazingly, a massive variety of remarks from atomic energy promoters will affect which are totally different comparative things.


In their discourse strings, I endeavor to the logical counterpart of other countries atomic energy production, versus solar energy production, whereas solar energy production remains on the top position. 

Since the introduction of perovskite, typical solar panels have the ability of game changer, every home, and every office and every commercial building will have solar power generation with just spray on technology.

Last words are in the year 2030, hopefully, everyone will be energy satisfied.

Solar Energy's Future: Spray-On Panel

The Future Of Solar Energy

Discussions about solar energy get people thinking swiftly of large and heavy panels on rooftops used to generate electricity for the home. Nevertheless, the past, present and of course the future of solar energy indicates that it is not a mere tricking pony.

After some days you may discover each window of the house is a solar powered, electricity producing units, due to this new innovation, and paying power bills will be history. This tinny unit will make blunders.

The advanced spray-on type of solar panels that can transform anything into an energy generator buttresses the point best. An asides searching for diverse methods of utilizing the energy gotten from the sun to heat various places, crucial advancement regarding the solar energy is roughly a hundred and fifty years old.

Scientists from countries like Britain, India and even France have created devices that have a lot of mirrors that were used to intensify light rays to heat water to generate steam.  This is referred to as solar thermal or as some call it solar water heating.

The solar thermal was presumed to be efficient in areas with a tropical climate such as India and Algeria. This was because they both make use of a lot of coal for generating energy.

Meanwhile, when the price of coal took a big plunge while approaching the ending of the 19th century, advancement of the solar thermal was stopped, and it was not followed through anymore.

It has been a debate in what the future of solar energy could be and finally, scientists have concluded that it is none other than spray-on panels based on Perovskite.

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The invention to potentially commence a tremendous paradigm shift in the generation of energy could be none other than spray-on panels. These panels are a technically new invention for solar panels.

It is still in its experimenting stage. The spray-on panels are established on what is regarded as an organometal known as Perovskite. This Perovskite is exclusively made up of calcium titanate.

Perovskite can be used to control energy exactly similar to the silicon in typical panels. Some of the advantages of the spray-on panels over its predecessors include;
  • They are affordable to purchase
  • They can be sprayed on any shape or possibly surface.
Just think of applying the spray on the cover of your mobile device and then leaving it out under the sun rays to charge your device's battery.

Nevertheless, the spray-on innovation is still under works though it is headed towards a very promising light. Judging from the tests in the laboratory, the panels have been able to reach an efficiency of 11% manageably.

This is considered to be out of the ordinary as it is just a sheer test device. Recent experiments have been able to reach 19%. This was the value the solar establishment was studying on years ago when they tried to attain this efficiency for the heavy panels.

In Conclusion

It cannot be said to be much of an amazing journey for Perovskite because presently, they are not durable enough like the typical solar panels and have the possibility of degrading swiftly in any surrounding that is not the laboratory.

The issue is not that they cannot compete against solar cells that are silicon based, but Perovskites are  ready now. However, no one should lose hope. Think about electric cars, where they were roughly ten years ago and where they are now.

Progress will surely be made with the Perovskites as they are the future of the solar energy.

Some questions please try to answer 

1. Do you know how much money this small solar film can save in your state?
2. Do you know, you can completely depend on solar energy?
3. Do you know how simple it is to install this solar panel?
4. Do you know how affordable you can get this thin solar sprayed film?
5. Do you know how much power this handheld thin small film can produce?

 The future of solar panel

The Future Of Solar Energy

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